New site!

I finally got around to updating the site again; going to be very much work in progress over the next couple of months but better than the old one!

I was really lazy and instead of using a pre existing framework I wrote my own; It's sort of like zend but without the 20MB of source files behind it :-D

I named the framework Hixel after my Wixel framework; H being HTML... yeah, I'm not good with names.

Crazy Tile Game Available in App Store!

Our first iPhone game is now available in the App store.

Don't fear - Dig is not forgotten

My last permanent job ate all of my time last year and starting contracting has taken nearly as much; however, I'm back on track and working on the Dig game again. Lots of movement in terms of platform and architecture so expect to see this game appearing accross many platforms very soon.

Freelance Game Developer

Christopher Lightfoot

Hi my name's Chris and I'm a freelance game developer from South Yorkshire, England!

I absolutely love games; especially how they constantly push the boundaries of new and existing platforms. It really fascinates me to see the kind of games that used to require a really powerfull computer now available on iOS and other mobile devices!

Aside from games, I've spent a lot of my commercial career developing server side systems; focusing heavily on Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP but have worked with many others including Ruby on Rails, ColdFusion, ASP.NET and even a C++ based web server

Need my CV? get the latest version here: DOC | PDF


For more details of the platform I enjoy working with select one below...


iPhone, iPad



Browser based games for desktop and mobile



Browser based games for desktop and mobile



Browser based games for desktop and mobile


For other skills, check out my skills page

Available For Hire!

I'm currently available for work so if you have something cool you need some help with, please, get in touch!

I'm interested in contract work in the South Yorkshire area but able to work anywhere in the UK so long as the project is interesting enough. You can see my availability here or simply get in contact.

My daily rates follow the national average throughout the country and I can discuss further over the phone or via email. I also have both technical and personal references available on request if required.


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